3 HARDWARE ONLY - Wine (beer) Bottle Oil Lamps DIY - Gift for Mom - copper - Wall Oil Lamp - Copper Lighting -Hostess Gifts
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Our handmade oil lamps (use your own bottle) will add stylish, romantic lighting to any room in your house. Add scented oils for a special occasion or use them for emergency lighting when your power goes out! Our lamps are set apart by a clever detail: an extinguishing cap attached by chain, which is both functional and charming.

This listing is for the following:

+ 3 long lasting wicks
+ all necessary and easy to install hardware
+ hardware options include copper(no longer available in silver)
+ directions for installation

*The only tool you need is a philips head screwdriver but a drill will make life easier:)
*You will also need plumbers tape found at any hardware store.

USE INDOOR LAMP OIL ONLY (not included). I highly recommend FireFly Fuel. It's odorless, clean, and lasts much longer than the typical lamp oil. www.amazon.com/dp/B00ND8OAHA

I also have listings that come with the bottles, your choice of either cobalt blue or green - greatbottlesoffire.etsy.com/ If you don't see the quantity that you want, please message me and I will make you a special order.

Flame is 5 inches from wall
Hardware extends 5 inches from wall

*TIP* Save lamp oil by filling bottom of the bottle with water, then add the oil which will float to the top. The water level should stay below the length of wick, if wick touches water it will not be usable.

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